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Sonn's Art Creations

Sonn's Art Creations is an artistic entity founded by Urgue Derival in 2014. Since its founding , Sonn's has created small hand-crafted gifts and sold items such as carved wooden world map plaques, sheet metal fabrications such as toy model cars, airplanes and helicopters. The items also include products, designed with mud and clay, artistic bible verses, and small paper toys. The Acronym "Sonn" reflect some of the primary qualities and values of its' founder.

S = Skilled artisan

O = Original deigns, no imitations

N = Notable, recognized for my artistic talents. 

N = Nature-themes e.g., Flowers, Oceans and animals

I would like to make my artistic gifts available to a wider audience and am offering for sale via the internet.

While working elsewhere, I hope to be able to grow in my true passion which is Art.

If you buy a piece of art, 5% of proceeds will be donated to charities which support cancer research, to schools and orphanages.


Please find herein examples of my Art and others upon request. I will also post videos of what I do.

Any help and suggestion that will assist me in this endeavor will be appreciated.

Like us on Facebook at Sonn's Art Creations and view my art.

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